Street sweeping is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a “Best Management Practice” in meeting Phase 2 stormwater regulations.

It’s about more than just keeping streets looking clean – an entire infrastructure is built around keeping those drains clear.

We help eliminate the safety hazards of dangerous debris and pooling water, keep contaminants out of the water supply and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Government Sweeping

Sweeping Corporation of America provides reliable, cost-effective street-sweeping service to cities, counties and state departments of transportation. Each month, we sweep more than 25,000 miles of roadways across the Southeast.

Day and night, SCA’s fleet of state-of-the-art mechanical broom sweepers and regenerative air vacuum sweepers are working to remove trash, leaves, rubber and other refuse – not only keeping the roads clean for aesthetic purposes, but also removing safety hazards and catching the material before it ends up in stormwater systems.

All SCA locations operate on a 24/7 basis to provide service on your schedule, with minimal disruptions.

Benefits of working with SCA include:

  • Cost reduction – Sweeping equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, and costs such as fuel and labor are difficult to isolate.We have the right equipment for the job, along with highly trained operators.
  • Infrastructure – SCA’s facilities across the Southeast have the mechanics, maintenance staff, parts and technical expertise to keep the machines running correctly. Our fleet can handle your needs.
  • Regulatory compliance – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stormwater compliance standards require that sediment, debris, trash, road salt, and trace metals be removed regularly from
  • public roadways.
  • Flood mitigation – Several tons of debris are removed from the streets of an average-sized city each year. If it weren’t removed,stormwater systems could clog in major rain events. Municipalities are responsible for mitigating the risk of flooding through quality street sweeping.
  • Risk management – The operation of equipment on public roadways is inherently dangerous. SCA utilizes the latest safety equipment and best practices, and we maintain the necessary insurance to help shield municipalities from that risk.
  • Environmental pollutant containment – Road salt, vehicle fluids and other pollutants can end up in groundwater supplies, which threatens the health of our environment and its inhabitants.
  • Civic pride – Clean streets instill civic pride, and help drive growth and economic development. Everyone wants to live, work and play in a clean environment.

Let’s talk about how Sweeping Corporation of America can help you meet your service objectives. We sweep while you sleep!

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