Street sweeping is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a “Best Management Practice” in meeting Phase 2 stormwater regulations.

It’s about more than just keeping streets looking clean – an entire infrastructure is built around keeping those drains clear.

We help eliminate the safety hazards of dangerous debris and pooling water, keep contaminants out of the water supply and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Milling / Construction

Sweeping Corporation of America works with roadbuilders and paving contractors to help ensure that roadway construction and resurfacing projects happen on time and on budget.

SCA’s fleet of mechanical broom and regenerative air vacuum sweeping trucks can handle debris of any size and volume. Our goal is to integrate into your process, following behind your equipment to quickly prepare a clean surface so that you can come in right behind us and pave the road, without worrying

about dust and debris affecting adhesion. Our sweepers are equipped with hydraulic hoppers that can be emptied into dump trucks on-site, and service is available 24 hours a day.

Benefits of working with SCA include:

  • Cost reduction – Sweeping equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. SCA has the right equipment for the job, along with highly trained operators who know how to get the work done right, the first time.
  • Infrastructure – Sweeping Corporation of America operates facilities across the Southeast. Not only do we have the mechanics, maintenance staff, parts and technical expertise to keep the machines running correctly, but we have the fleet to handle your project, regardless of the size.
  • Time is money – SCA’s ability to integrate into your process and sweep allows you to keep the project moving forward. These days, contracts are often built around budget and completion benchmarks, and we’ll help make sure you’re surface is clean and ready to pave.
  • Quality matters – Our state-of-the-art fleet includes the latest in sweeping technology – whether it’s large chunks of asphalt or milling dust, SCA’s trucks get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Compliance – Local, state and federal contracts most often include regulatory stipulations that require thorough and timely debris removal as part of any construction project. SCA is familiar with the regulations – we work with contractors every day to meet or exceed them.

Let’s talk about how Sweeping Corporation of America can help youmeet your service objectives. We sweep while you sleep!

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