Street sweeping is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a “Best Management Practice” in meeting Phase 2 stormwater regulations.

It’s about more than just keeping streets looking clean – an entire infrastructure is built around keeping those drains clear.

We help eliminate the safety hazards of dangerous debris and pooling water, keep contaminants out of the water supply and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Special Events

Sweeping Corporation of America provides reliable, cost-effective street-sweeping service to numerous special event facilities. When the fun’s over, the venue is returned to pristine condition in a timely manner.

Day and night, SCA’s fleet of state-of-the-art mechanical broom sweepers and regenerative air vacuum sweepers are operating at concert halls, fairgrounds, racetracks and stadiums to remove debris quickly and efficiently – not only keeping them clean for aesthetic purposes, but also removing safety hazards and keeping stormwater systems clear. Trucks are operating 24/7 from SCA facilities in several states.

Benefits of working with SCA include:

  • Cost reduction – Sweeping equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. SCA has the right equipment for the job, along with highly trained operators who know how to get the work done right, the first time.
  • Infrastructure – Sweeping Corporation of America operates facilities across the Southeast. Not only do we have the mechanics,maintenance staff, parts and technical expertise to keep the machines running correctly, but we have the fleet to handle your needs, regardless of the size.
  • Regulatory compliance – Federal, state and local regulations dictate that special event sites are swept regularly to maintain aesthetic, environmental and public safety standards as a condition of operating permits.
  • Flood mitigation – Several tons of debris are removed from event facilities each year. If it weren’t removed, stormwater systems could clog in major rain events. SCA helps mitigate that risk through quality street sweeping service.
  • Environmental pollutant containment – Anywhere large groups of people and vehicles gather, dangerous fluids and other pollutants accumulate quickly. SCA helps contain your exposure to the risk of environmental contamination.
  • Marketing and corporate pride – Clean facilities instill pride in employees and fans, and they help drive marketing and maintain a venue’s reputation. Everyone wants to live, work and play in a clean environment, and Sweeping Corporation of America takes pride in helping to position your organization as one that cares about its public image.

Let’s talk about how Sweeping Corporation of America can help you meet your service objectives. We sweep while you sleep!

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