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Sweeping Corporation of America (SCA) offers a full range of power sweeping options to meet your needs including: street, parking lot and highway sweeping, airport runway sweeping, construction site sweeping, Industrial facility sweeping, special event sweeping and Jet-Vac services. We do it all! If it needs swept, we can sweep it! Give us a call today to meet your sweeping needs!

Services Offered

Street & Highway Sweeping

Street cleaning has become a crucial element in business and community health practices. It is also imperative for maintaining environmentally responsible processes and for visual neighborhood enhancement. At Sweeping Corporation of America, we offer street sweeping services to eliminate dangerous debris and harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment.

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Parking Lot Sweeping

Sweeping Corporation of America’s commercial parking lot sweeping and garage cleaning division caters to real estate owners and retail property managers. Our services cover shopping malls, strip centers, apartment buildings, office and industrial parks, parking lot maintenance, commercial parking garage and parking garage decks.

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Construction Site Cleanup

No job is over until the cleanup is complete. Sweeping Corporation of America is your best bet for fast and thorough construction site cleanup. Our large fleet of street power-sweeping vehicles and dependable operators allows us to minimize down time and provide you with the most reliable services available.

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Facilities Interior Cleaning

Keeping dust and heavy debris at bay will keep your employees safe and healthy. From manufacturing facilities to warehouses, Sweeping Corporation of America works to improve both the aesthetics and safety of your facilities.

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Airport Runway Sweeping

We know that unkempt runways can create safety concerns for pilots, staff and passengers. Sweeping Corporation of America has years of experience and extensive expertise in providing cleaning services for airport runways, aprons, taxiways, parking lots, fueling areas and baggage processing zones.

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Sweeping Corporation of America provides stormwater quality unit cleaning and inspection services. Our services include the complete emptying of all tank contents; liquids and solids. We then inspect the unit to ensure all components are in place and operational, take pictures and then digitally forward “proof” of inspection to your local regulatory authority.

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